The 5 Modern Rules Of Mobile App Design you need to know now

A mobile app has become more and more favorable by the marketers. Modern mobile apps have evolved into great attention seeker and head-turners, which is why many brands and organizations depend on them for obtaining a lot of business.

When it involves mobile app development, not each mobile app that’s developed could be a treated as a winner. The factors that build it or break it are User Experience – UX  and User Interface – UI. There are various artistic studios that have unconcealed some tips as a word of recommendation for the app developers. Here’s what we sum up everything these corporations suggest.

kinds of mobile app

Fit multiple screens

Mobile app user design
Mobile app user design

As we know, there’s a  huge range of devices, like phablets, fitness devices, tablets, other than mobile phones that run an app. In order to fit  your app on to all or at least majority of these devices, responsive design style has to be incorporated.

The User Interface

mobile app user interface
UI for different mobile OS

No one and I mean it, no one has time to read lengthy text’s these days. By developing a mobile-focused app you are targeting a market of people who value time. So keep it less text and more images. Use visual cues to send messages to the app users to keep them engaged by simply creating an interactive mobile app experience.

Be simple

Going through endless quality advises from varied specialists is ought to confuse you, hence keep it simple. Restraining to the best advice is enough for developing a great UX/ UI for a mobile app. Also, read some more UI design do’s and don’ts provided by apple inc.

Testing, testing, and testing

A most important step towards success, provided you’re taking simply the proper measures. Try to get the end-users involved in the process of testing, this will give you exact user expectations from a mobile app design.

Follow these simple steps:

  •  Release an alpha app first to limited market
  • Get their feedback regarding what they love and don’t like about the mobile app
  • Improvise on the feedback, release a beta version
  • Follow the steps 1-3 till your market finds the fit

This end-user involvement will help to save you the fortune on marketing a mobile app that’s not a decent match for the end-user needs.

Target the mobile OS

Try to stick to the requirements of each operating system that you are developing for. Every mobile operating system has its own specific standards that require an app to follow and maintain. In addition, pretty much all the mobile operating systems provide development tips that help a developer in creating a user soothing experience. This also helps your app during the scrutiny method and saves you time while publishing the app on different stores.


Mobile app development is quite competitive these days and to actually stand out amongst the crowd today is tough. However, this does not mean that you stop creating or move away from the competition. Yes, you’ll need plenty of determination and hard work, but above all thinking, smart would be the best suggestion from us at tentronix. If you’re able to just do that, then there’s no stopping you from being simply the best out there.

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